KCBNA is a multi-disciplined organisation working in diverse areas such as health promotion; community development; youth programming, women’s group activities and providing support to older people.  KCBNA operates a “cradle to the grave philosophy”; thus volunteers and paid staff are involved in the wider community issues that affect children, young people, adults and older people.

KCBNA’s renowned reputation is based on “promoting good community and race relations, social cohesion and celebrating the value of diversity in the local population; reducing isolation, vulnerability and the fear of crime and promoting a sense of belonging among all residents; enabling those at risk of social exclusion to develop their potential by improving their health and well being, their access to statutory and voluntary services, and to educational, training and employment opportunities and; empowering and encouraging residents and members to actively participate in the full range of local and national issues and opportunities affecting their lives” (Ali, Nasim, KCBNA Annual Report 2013).

As King’s Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association (KCBNA) continues to work with local residents towards its goal of improving the quality of life of people in King’s Cross and Brunswick area of the London Borough of Camden, volunteers have an important contribution to make.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of KCBNA’s work, supporting the facilitation of many of our core activities. Our volunteers add value to KCBNA’s work by raising awareness about the unique set of programmes for youth, older people, and programmes for Bangladeshi, Chinese, Somali communities in the King’s Cross area of London.

The energy, enthusiasm, commitment and leadership of volunteers can create further positive changes for the local environment within an organisation which has been acknowledged locally, regionally and nationally.

Voluntary work with KCBNA supports the philosophy of building a sense of community in this diverse inner city area., encouraging all ages and cultures to participate. Volunteers help KCBNA to provide much needed services and capacity alongside community support offered by staff team and facilities.

Some of the reasons why KCBNA involve volunteers are:

  • To provide an outreach into the local community;
  • To allow the opportunity for community/group/business involvement;
  • To provide additional services when resources are not available;
  • To build links to other voluntary/community organisations, local strategic partnerships, community safety, local Connexions and current stakeholders and other groups;
  • To assist in fundraising;
  • To allow a quick reaction to changing needs; and
  • To provide an outlet for people to use their specific skills and make a contribution.

KCBNA offer a diverse range of core volunteering opportunities across the team, listed below, however for more specific information and general enquiries please do contact us on 0207 278 5635 or email info@kcbna.org.uk or download the volunteer application pack from here (Volunteer Pack)

… Administration and Reception

… Children’s Activities – After School Homework Club.

… Work with the Bangladeshi Community.

… Work with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Older People.

… Work with the Chinese Community.

… Work with Older People.

… Work with the Somali Community.

… Festivals and Events.

… Youth Team

It is the aim of KCBNA to provide a positive environment in which all volunteers can contribute to a productive and community atmosphere that is conducive to KCBNA’s goals, objectives and contribute to good volunteer practices and standards of conduct.  The principles of volunteering within KCBNA follow the voluntary code of good practice and all regulations around engagement with young people. With a formal Volunteer Strategy underpinned by the national “Volunteering Compact Code of Good Practice” contributing to citizenship, democracy and social action which is one of the objectives of the Coalition government elected in May 2010. KCBNA seeks to actively promote the principles within the Compact for all volunteers. These principles of  Choice,  Diversity, Mutual Benefit and Recognition are fundamental to their engagement of volunteers. For more information relating to KCBNA’s Volunteer Strategy and Policy please to contact us.